How to configure ISDN with Linux Kernel 2.6 on Debian and connect to the LRZ via M-Net

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This TechTip describes how to set up kernel 2.6 on Debian Sarge and to use its new ISDN architecture - or another one, namely mISDN - in order to connect the Leibniz Rechenzentrum.


  • Fritz!PCI
  • DialIn-Hardware (ISDN-NTBA) from M-Net
  • Asus KT-266A Motherboard with Athlon K7 (1400 MHz), 1 GB RAM


Documentation I followed:


  • /etc/ppp/peers/isdn/lrz Don't forget to adapt the file to your account access data for the LRZ!
  • /etc/ppp/peers/isdn/mnet There is no need to change anything. It works fine for me as it should for any other M-Net customer.

If you have done everything up to now, your access should work. Don't forget to register your kernel modules in the file /etc/modules and don't forget to register your capifs mount data in /etc/fstab!