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1 Focus

My professional focus has long resided in the field of Linux and Unix operating system technology. Meandering up the business stack, I have moved into the field of network management applications, crossed the field of service management and dwelt some time in process management land.

Over the recent years, however, I have concentrated more and more on search engine applications, academically as well as commercially, which has led to the foundation of relix GmbH.

Even though my favourite search engine software has now been acquired by Microsoft and there is some saying that the core components will be replaced by .NET code which will render the Linux installations unsupported, I am still a strong Open Source friend and a thorough Unixer...

Recently I have been working in the field of radar based seatraffic management systems for Airbus DS.

2 Certificates

  • Concord eHealth Operations Class
  • Concord eHealth Report Interpretation Class
  • Concord eHealth Technical Training for Presales Engineers
  • ITIL Foundation Certificate
  • Linux Professional Institute Certificate 1 (Exam 101 and 102)
  • Linux Professional Institute Certificate, Exam 201
  • Certified SCRUM Master (Instructor: Dr. Jeff Sutherland)

3 Customers & Employers

  • IBM Training Deutschland
  • Nokia Siemens Networks, IT and Marketing divisions
  • AirbusGroup-EADS / Atlas Elektronik / Signalis GmbH
  • Bayerischer Rundfunk IT
  • HeidelbergCement AG