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1 Sailing

You loosen the ropes that bind your ship to the harbour and float away. From now on, there are other rules, there's a different life. Everyday's work must remain back on land. This is the promise of a ship: be free to go where you want and to not require fossile energy. Not be subject to the need to refuel and be underway nevertheless. Be able to cross oceans and not depend on any infrastructure. Meanwhile I have sailed 20 tours and collected more than 5000 nautical miles of experience. Which might be little for any professional sailor, but which is a solid base of experience for a hobbyist.

Here's a tour overview

My certificates:

  • SportBootFührerschein Binnen und See (SBF)
  • SportKüstenSchifferschein (SKS)
  • SportSeeSchifferschein (SSS)
  • SportHochSeeSchifferschein (SHS)
  • Sachkundenachweis Seenot-Signalwaffen
  • Beschränkt Gültiges Funkzeugnis 2 (mit GMDSS)
  • Long Range Certificate (= international / short wave nautical radio license)

The latter degrees demonstrate that sailing is in perfect harmony with my other hobby:

2 Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio has the status of a legally recognized radio service. It is a legal platform for individuals who want to know about the details of radio and communication technology and not be exposed to black boxes the inner functionalities of which they don't understand. In this sense it is kind of a research and education opportunity for people who don't want to be professional radio communication engineers but who want to come close to that. If you're not content with owning a mobile phone but want to know how it works internally and how the mobile network works and how you can communicate so easily, amateur radio is a good starting point.

To me it is the other side of computing science, because virtually all computers are networked today, and a great number of data links operate wireless. In this sense it is the compliment to my professional subject, which is computer science. When following the below link, you will see that I exert this hobby with a certain scientifical claim: I plan and conduct experiments and I document archievements so that my insights may be verified by others.